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Passionate about photography since he got his first SLR camera at the age of 13, Ingo Bork developed his photography skills through books, internet blogs, and practice, practice, practice. His busy work life in the high-tech industry almost let him forget about photography. But with the birth of his second daughter, Ingo started using a digital camera. Soon he realized what great artistic freedom this technology provides without the need for a sophisticated darkroom requiring special knowledge not easy to achieve as an amateur photographer. His love for nature and its beauty is the dominant theme of his pictures.

"Setting a visual accent beyond the flood of pictures rushing by, making you pause for a moment, thinking ‘yes, protecting this beauty is worth it’ would make me very happy."

Ingo Bork, December 2017


If you would like a print of any of the pictures or purchase a license for a digital copy, please send your inquiries through the contact form.

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